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February Focus: My Wardrobe's Current State


Ideally, I would LOVE my wardrobe to look like the picture above.

Sadly, it looks more like this...

I have about three different types of hangers going on there #indecisive, 'awkward practical storage items' that definitely wouldn't be allowed in the dream wardrobe scene above, it is home to my handy DVD storage system which you can read all about here, and, well, it's just a bit of a mess. 

But hey, doesn't that just set the scene for a great before and after pic? I thought so. This month (with the added bonus of still being financially challenged) I will attempt to streamline picture b, to look more like picture a). I'm pretty sure that without the injection of pennies I will be limited on the aesthetic front, however a clear out is whaay overdue. So watch this space. 

Inspired by taking on this little project, I will also be having a 'fashion focus' month, where I look into and try and make sense of trends, fashion apps and wardrobe organisation. 

Now, where is Marie Kondo when you need her...


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