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5 Things to do in January that won't cost you money

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Happy New Year!

I always have relatively mixed feelings this time of year. On the one hand you hold before you a fresh start, with hopes and aspirations, resolutions, good intentions and if you are anything like me, one heck of a 'to do' list. On the other hand, your bank balance is so angry and upset with you, you feel like you are literally going to spend the rest of the year having to make it up to it. 

In the aftermath of the cruel joke that it is to be paid early, only to have to wait what feels like forever to see your next influx of cash, I have thought up a few ways in which to pass the time this month that will not see you part with excess pennies. 

1. Work out your Finances

A savvy place to start is face up your current situation. In the past I have been taken a total 'osterich burying its head in the sand' style approach to my financial situation, but if you pardon the pun it really does pay to lay everything out transparently in front of you and figure things out. Embrace the Excel Spreadsheet, formulate a budget and if you need to look into anything more complicated for your financial plans head over to the Money Saving Expert's site which literally has all the answers. 

2. Exercise

This one sounds obvious but moving is free, and good for you! Whether you already have a gym membership or just a yoga mat in your room, get your blood pumping feel better. This is the perfect time of year to focus on any fitness goals you have and set up a routine for the year to come. 

3. Work on your Career goals

Are you in a position to go for a promotion? Do you want to broaden your skills by taking on some extra training? Do you have any CPD (continuing professional development) to do? Well, this is the time of year to do it! Look to setting the wheels in motion now and you will be set up nicely for the rest of the year, and who knows, maybe with a pay rise!

4. Organise/Tidy one part of your Living Space

Whether this be your bedroom, wardrobe, cutlery draw, desk, work space, or heck this could even stretch to your car if you commute a lot or even your inbox! Taking time to tidy a particular area of your life that is particularly cluttered is cathartic and promotes a positive mindset. Oh and did I mention it costs nothing to tidy? Also, yes I am somewhat of a disciple of Marie Kondo's, and am going to encourage you to get your hands on a copy of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (by borrowing it from a friend or library to keep in with the theme here of not costing you extra pennies). 

5. Learn Something

Have you always wanted to learn a language? Or perhaps try out a new recipe? Ever wanted to take up knitting? Now is the time of year to get creative. There are loads of free resources out there. For languages there is an app I have been using called Duolingo which offers a range of mini courses and step for several languages. Also I've found YouTube is a great resource for picking up a few language basics too. Speaking of YouTube you can also learn to knit, crochet and learn new cooking methods on there! It's a truly fantastic resource so get your thinking cap on and see what will bring you satisfaction this month, no extra pennies needed.


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