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Winter Wardrobe Pinafore Dress

Winter is has definitely arrived. And with it? The Pinafore Dress into my wardrobe.

For us gals, the tights, boots, coats and mittens have all been brought out of hibernation. But with this predictably practical step, our wardrobe options reduce somewhat on account of practicality and warmth. This year I've chosen to mix it up and invest in something I’ve never worn before. A dungaree dress // pinafore dress.

I love the deep olive colour of this dress from New Look. The only one of these online at the moment is the brown version, but they do have slightly different dresses with the similar khaki colour. I'm really loving how much this dress goes with. The colour lifts my wardrobe from its dominant black palette, and as far as tights/leggings are concerned you could get away with none to nude to black to patterned, depending on how brave you are. You can have long boots, ankle boots, pumps, sneakers, there are literally a ton of combinations that go with this piece. My preference though? I good pair of Hunters. I love how comfy, cosy and girly it makes me feel. Kinda takes me back to being a young girl again. I find it funny how resistant I was to my mum putting me in anything like this back when I was a kid. Now I love it! 

Size wise, I chose to get a UK16, even though it feels a little on the baggy side, it just fitted the look I was going for.

Made a Winter Wardrobe purchase recently? 


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