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Sunday Snapshots #24

Hmmm, so basically this week, there was lots of food involved, seeing as all my snapshots incorporate such!
Another busy week! Highlights include trying my hand at ebay, being a personal shopper for my father and trying out new recipes.

In particular I've really enjoyed reading A Girl Called Jack's site. She's got some fantastic recipes and I can especially vouch for her Airy Fairy Easy Peasy Soda Bread which you can see a picture of above!

As much as I am enjoying being on Holiday, I am struggling to surface from my bed in the mornings.
Does anyone else find that your body goes into super super chill mode, almost getting lost in a sea of free time? Maybe I just need to get better at time management, or an injection of iron in my diet? Who knows, but for now I will give myself a little longer to enjoy the longer lie in. 

The highlight of the holidays though has to be sitting outside on a summer's evening such as this one, simply breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the last rays of sunshine. Exactly what I need at the moment to get myself out of this funk, as well as my handy tips for tricking yourself into feeling awesome, which also come in handy at times like these {insert shameless plug here}.


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