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A Change of Address!

Guys, it's finally happened! I have an official corner of the internet which I finally own

Google, its been emotional, I've learnt a lot, but I have to fly the nest. 

All content is still available PLUS brand new content is being posted over on...
(and I feel this moment warrants a drumroll)

See you there.



Don't 'Fall' for it Just Yet

With it being the end of August, Fall // Autumn is literally around the corner.

That being said, it is very easy, almost too easy to start getting excited for autumnal outfits, pumpkin spiced everythings and pulling all the blankets back out from hibernation.

But just hold on to those pumpkins for a sec. Things don't just magically change overnight here. I've seen people already digging out coats scarves and boots! Even if these items are dam cute, you don't necessarily need to go on a shopping spree for outfits. You're not going to be wearing a scarf anytime soon with these temperatures I'm telling you.

- Firstly - 

Lets have rummage around in our closets (not a euphemism) for any previous, pre-existing autumnal/fall attire. We often have more than we realise. This way with a good sort through, chuck or donation of some unwanted stuff that's for sure not going to be worn this time around, it'll give us a good idea of what we CAN look forward to buying. Save your pennies.

- Secondly - 

It might be an idea, if you are just itching to obtain some new garmentage, to go for multipurpose pieces. Things that if its a hot summer-like afternoon, can go with that type of outfit. Maybe go for ankle boots instead of the full over the knee ones. A jacket instead of a thick wool coat.

- Thirdly -

With the weather STILL being in the 20's are you really going to start wearing scarves when September 1st hits? If you want to cook yourself go right ahead but I feel like the decision is out of our hands for the time being. Trust me, scarves will feel amazing when the temperature drops and you get that snug feeling settling in. There's no rush.

I feel like the excitement of Autumn is getting the better of some people. 

Lets just all calm our tits and hold on to our spaghetti straps! 

Excitement is one thing, but wearing a scarf in 25 degree heat is another. 



Girl Boss: A Late Review and Rant for a Second Season

I know, I know, I'm MONTHS late to this particular party. But...better the f*@k late than never. 

You name it, I've recently had it. A bad spate of life/health luck, pain, depression, anxiety oh and to top it all off I now have the flu. But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Far from it. This particular sob story journey has lead me to turn more heavily than ever towards Netflix, and in particular Girl Boss.

My God this show could not have matched my mood more perfectly right now, and I took some peace in the fact that despite this being a loosely fictional character, other people have shit going on too. Sometimes you can just drown in your own tunnel vision river of crap but hey, I felt like this was throwing me one of those rubber dingy thingys. 

Anyway, the first season was good. It had me laughing as well as feeling all the feels whether that be 'girl power' or 'f*@k that guy what a douchbag'. Naturally, I take to Google, desperately trying to find a date for season two coming out, and what am I greeted with? CANCELLED!?!? Like how? Why? and NO F*@KING WAY! Where the hell are these "bad reviews" and "unlikable character[s]" coming from? Did these so called 'critics' or 'reviewers' even watch the same show I did?

Jeeze can a girl catch a break around here?

Okay, rant over. I am unashamedly recommending Girl Boss for the win on Netflix. It dam well needs and deserves a follow up second season. Watch the first quickly though, I won't be surprised if they remove it because of the stupid people who don't know a good thing when they see one. Over and out.



A Rainy Afternoon

I've escaped.

I have literally put miles between me and my problems. They may try and sneak back into my thoughts now and again, but when I get away, I get inspired, and start thinking of all the possibilities and ways in which I can make things better, or be happier, however naive that may sound.

My friend out here in the French Province has a saying, "when you come to France, be prepared to set your watch an hour forward and several years back". Meaning that it can be a little backwards here compared to Great Britain, but you know what? It's just uncomplicated. The pace is slower, and it doesn't feel like there is a constant pressure on you to be places or do things. 

After a scorching heatwave that has recently torched the south of France, today it rained. It was so calming and welcome that I indulged in settling down with my current book of choice. No pressures, no pace. Just a simple, very hygge-like moment, and maybe even a cheeky cup of tea to follow. 



Adulting is Hard

Source: Awake-Smile

"The horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult, but then you realise that you're an adult. So, you look for an older adult. Someone successfully adulting. An adultier adult." - Unkown

As the years between myself and 30 are getting fewer, and the years with me in the adult world are increasing, a thought has occurred to me...I'm not where I thought I would be. This is then closely followed by the question, "well, why not?"

I think the answer lies with my 'grown up goals' not matching 'grown up realities'.

Let me explain...looking back, I thought that at my current stage of life I would buying a flat. In reality, I cannot look at my bank balance without crying. This in fact comes hand in hand with salary expectations. Raise your hands if you thought you were going to be minted as an adult?! When in actual fact, I'm pretty sure I was richer when I had pocket money at 12 years old.

I laugh when I'm advised by people to get a good 'work-life' balance. In fact the social life I thought I'd have as an adult of staying out late and going to fancy bars, looks more like me hiding under the duvet, in fact it just is me hiding under the duvet.

The point I'm trying to make here is that if you are identifying with any of the above, I think we can agree that our expectations were, well, a little 'off' when it comes to the world of adult-hood. But it's okay! It's okay if you don't feel like you have your s*%t together and are still holding onto non-grown-up-ness! Responsibilities happen and come along whether we want them to or not, and we ultimately deal with them. Its the standards and the pressures we/society puts on ourselves/us that leads to things being more stressful than they appear. 

The beautiful thing I've discovered is that we get to choose how we want to be at this stage of our lives. We haven't failed, we are actually doing just fine.

I, personally, at 27 years of age, am going to continue to enjoy lollipops, not wearing heels, wearing my pyjamas straight when I come in from work, through a tantrum when my alarm goes off in the mornings, and sticking my arm out of the car window and making waves in the air. 

Who's with me?


Time to Make Peace with Yourself

Source: Pinterest

I'm learning that Motivation at times can be tricky. If you're struggling it may be time to slow down, re-focus, and generally cut yourself some slack.

You may have been slogging away at a diet or a gruelling gym routine, and you've either done well and are on track or, like me you've slipped a little. But its never a bad thing to take a step back and give yourself a break (at least, this is the philosophy I'm going by).

Try Lemon Water when you first wake up. Hot or Cold.

If, like me, you missed the whole 'detox your body in January' trend, its never a bad idea just to give your body a boost now and again. The simplest way that I've found to do this is by having lemon water first thing. Hot or cold it's refreshing and studies show that its great for your insides.

Don a face mask.

Garnier have just come out with some great sheet face masks, but if you have your own favourite in mind there is something about putting a facemask on that makes me stop. Even if its just for 20 mins, it can mean the difference between thinking I'm relaxing and actually physically relaxing. 

Hygge Your Life a Bit.

Man I cannot get enough of Hygge (or the Dutch for that matter) at the moment. I mean I literally want to drop everything and move to Copenhagen (as crazy as that sounds). If you can, get your hands on the Hygge bible, a cute little book that is half price on Amazon at the moment and can be decorative as well as informative when you are done. 

If you're Single, thats Okay.

Stresses can come from all areas of our lives, but I think my main stresses are expectations that others (without necessarily realising) place on me. Being single is one of them. People are constantly asking how my love life is going, which makes for an interesting conversation, but really I'm just okay as I am at the moment. I'm in no rush.

Dare to Dream.

Take time for yourself and ask yourself, what do you want? What are your dreams? At the moment for me its to one day owning a space of my own. Just a little apartment in a nice area with room enough for me, and of course a coffee machine #duh.

Moving and pushing yourself is great, but sometimes just stopping and re-focusing on yourself and making sure you're doing okay can be an even bigger motivator than you think. 



Inspo-grammers Worth a Follow

I am a big ol'fan of Instagram. 

Using it as a constant visual source of new inspiration and motivation can be quite powerful.

Visualising goals can help motivate towards them, and even sharing your own motivation can in turn give yourself a boost.

Below are five of my favourite, what I like to call, Inspo-grammers, that haven't failed yet to get me in the mood to workout or try out some tasty healthy looking recipe.

Stefanie Moir@Naturallystefanie
Stefanie also has an awesome YouTube channel which I first found her through (which you can check out here). She is Vegan, Scottish and Stunning! Providing TONS of inspo on a daily basis and worth a follow in all aspects of social media!

Rebecca Gawthorne@nourish_naturally
I have followed Rebecca for a while now. Her stunning pictures are so positive and uplifting that its like carrying sunshine around with you in your pocket.

Also on YouTube, Sarah is an Australian based beauty that takes stunning pictures and has a great strong lean physique that most of my aims are geared towards. I also wish I looked this good in gym gear. 

Guilty by association, this beautiful Instagrammer and I go way-back. Lizzie has achieved a stunning transformation and is so up-beat, motivating and dedicated to fitness and health she is probably the most motivational person I follow. 

Eva as with all the Instagrammers featured on here is once again stunning, and has a physique that can't be a bad thing to set aims for. She posts a lot of pictures from the frontline gym, which really helps me to get in the mood for heading down to my own. 

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